October 20, 2018

Travel Health Tip

 Hotel-Room Health Tips

When my husband and I absolutely must stay in a hotel, we pack lightweight slippers to avoid stepping on the floors. We also protect ourselves from guest-bed pillows by putting a thin, 13-gallon plastic bag over the pillow, and placing our own pillow cases over that impermeable layer. With that procedure, we lessen our chances of catching airborne, breathable pathogens.

Don't drink from hotel room glasses until you wash them yourself, no matter how clean they appear.

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September 15, 2018

Fast-Boiling Electric Kettle with Auto-Off Feature for Safety

This elegant tea-kettle boils water faster and safer than a microwave, and shuts itself off when it reaches a full, bubbling boil. The kettle's interior is stainless steel. Set on its round platform, press down white button, which will pop back up when finished boiling. Lift the cordless kettle off of its base to pour wonderfully hot water for tea, instant coffee, or quick cleaning projects. I've had this kettle for ten months, and have used it several times each day.

September 14, 2018

Potica, the Famous Croatian and Slovenian Walnut Roll

M-J's Source for the Best Walnut Deal

Elegant Brown Rice and Little Gems Luncheon Salad

One Cup of Cooked Brown Rice, a Few Soft Adzuki Beans, a Diagonally-Sliced Carrot and 1/4 of a White Onion Sautéed in Coconut Oil , Resting on a Bed of Chopped Little Gems Lettuce by Tanimura & Antle: a Nutritious Luncheon Salad, Dressed with Home-Made Red Chile Oil* and a Little Soy Sauce

Below, a photo from earlier this year of Little Gems Sweet Lettuce by California’s Venerable Tanimura & Antle Farms

*M-J’s Original Red Chile Oil

One cup of liquid (room-temp) coconut oil

One half-cup of red pepper flakes or crushed, dried chiles

One or two tablespoons of cayenne pepper (optional)

Two tablespoons of soy sauce (this liquid will help reconstitute and soften your dried chiles (chillis) or red pepper flakes.)

Mix ingredients together and keep at room-temperature in a sealed jar.

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September 11, 2018

Elegant English Waistcoat

An Elegant English-Made Waistcoat of Maroon-Coloured Moleskin

Pictured Below: an Elegant, Classically-Attired Man Wears a Waistcoat, Hat, Gloves and Carries a Walking-Stick

Vintage Illustration by Laurence Fellows for Esquire Magazine


Photo: Dennis Kernodle talks on the phone during storm preparations of his oceanfront home ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, U.S. September 12, 2018. REUTERS/Randall Hill

Hurricane Florence LIVE Update (Click Here)

Storm-Prep Guide for VIRGINIA and the Rest of  America

CBN News  offers us a free disaster-readiness booklet in PDF form.

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